About Me

This is a place for the apps developed by Kevin Makens. Most of these apps are quite old but still get the love and attention they deserve. They have been through a long development process, but to this day remain at their core, the original goal. Spread joy to everyone. Kevin mostly spends his time studying Mechanical Engineering at a small Jesuit university in Washington state. He has obtained notoriety for his school spirit and been featured on the cover of magazines. His spare time is spent developing new apps and preparing future projects while also trying to find a job post college.
It all started long ago in 2012 when I learned to code for iOS. Then in 2012, I developed The Ultimate Buzzer at a summer camp and published it. Since then it has obtained 1.5 million downloads. Many apps have come and gone, most notably: Tweet Blaster, Defender of Phones, and The Alarm. At the times, these apps were quite good but had to be abandoned due to changes in the app store and changes in the development processes. They will never be forgotten. If you cannot tell, these apps are just a hobby for me.