Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultimate Buzzer

Q: No sound is playing when I hit the button. FIX IT!
A: Check your mute switch and volume, that’s almost always the problem and there is nothing I can do about it. Make sure the orange is not showing and your ringer volume is up.

Q: Still no sound. 🙁
A: Contact me here.

Q: I want one of those sounds for my own use!
A: All of the sounds are Public Domain and if you want one or two or three, I can send them to you. Just email me at

Retired Apps

Tweet Blaster

Q: When I sign in it asks for permission to my Twitter accounts. I don’t want it to and I can’t use it. WHY?
A: You need to grant Tweet Blaster permission to use your Twitter accounts or you can’t use the app.

Q: I don’t have Twitter can I use Tweet Blaster?
A: Nope sorry 🙁