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Golfer’s Scorecard

The only way to improve your golf game is to know where your weaknesses in your game are. The Golfer’s Scorecard allows you to track your game in real time as you play a round of Golf and view your statistics.


You can also include your friends that are playing with you, as well as your students if you are a Golf instructor.


The game of golf is a game of understanding and practice. You can improve your game using the Golfers Scorecard. It helps you track where you currently are and where you’ve been? Now you can easily track your previous games, see your best games, and know your worst games with all of your games in a single place, synced across all your devices. Your game of golf will never be the same.


Golfer’s Scorecard is a simple and easy way to not only track your current game of golf in detail, while keeping track of your golfing stats for analysis. What is measured and act on, gets improved. Golfer’s Scorecard is a must for any golfer. Keeping track of scores on paper can prove a challenge; wind, rain, an alligator from the pond, a stolen golf cart, golfers on the golf course, or even a puddle could destroy your precious scorecard. Golfer’s Scorecard is truly a scorecard built for golfers, by a golfer that not only tracks your scores, it tracks everything about your Golf game. Track your stats and easily calculate the handicap for as many players as you’d like. Useful for coaches and players alike to keep a permanent record of their games and see their progression as a golfer. Quickly see the stats in an easy to use interface. Track which courses you’ve played and save them for the future. The possibilities are endless with the next generation of golf scorecards.


Golfer's Scorecard

The Ultimate Buzzer

Have you ever wanted to have a soundboard full of fun and random sounds at your fingertips, drive your friends crazy, have a buzzer for game night, or use the built in flashlight using your devices camera flash (Device must have camera LED) to light your path. With over 60 sounds, there are limitless possibilities with The Ultimate Buzzer. Want to have only one button on the screen though, enable “Big Button Buzzer” Mode to have a giant red button that plays the last sound you used. Updated regularly with new sounds, the fun will never end when you download The Ultimate Buzzer!